BizTalk Web Documentor (BtsWebDoc)

Everybody loves good documentation! But writing it, not so much ...

BtsWebDoc is a tool for generating technical BizTalk Server documentation.

BtsWebDoc will generate information about what maps, schemas and orchestrations that are deployed. The tool will also generate configuration based information such as file paths, ftp url and a thousand other little details that are important to keep track of.

We have published a demo here showing how a generated site might look.

Generated documentation will be published as a web site making it easily accessible and shareable. The tool will save previous versions of the documentation so one can see what have changed between different runs and for example compare the current setup with the setup a week back in time.

Some artifacts such as maps, orchestrations and schemas will also be possible to take a closer look at as an image for each orchestration will be published together will the xsd and xslt for the schemas and the maps.

BtsWebDoc is published as open source tool on GitHub. GitHub is also the place for code contributions, issues or general questions.


Getting started

Download the latest release and unzip. The installation is divided in two parts – one for generating the documentation (in the CmdClient folder) and one for hosting the site (in the Web folder).

Run client.exe -export from the command line for extracting a snapshot documentaion from your BizTalk Server.
The client tool doesn’t have to be run from the BizTalk Server and have a number of arguments that can be set to enable communication with a BizTalk Server hosted on an othter machine.
Running client.exe /? will display the help
Remember however that the tool have to run under a user with privileges to read from the BizTalk Server and that the server it runs on needs BizTalk installed (see the prerequisites)

Copy the content from Web folder on to a folder that can be accessed by IIS and add a web site or application in IIS pointing to that folder.
By default the web application will look for generated documentaion in <installation folder>\Doc this can however be changed it the web.config